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Back Flexibility for Everybody

by Sylvie PONT

You have a stiff back ? Backbending is a torture ?

You don’t know how to open your upper back and stretch your shoulders ?

You are naturally bendy but you bend only in the lombar zone and you don’t know how to stretch the others parts of your back ?

Or you are already training and you want to be motivated and guided in your progression and improve more ?

Just follow my online training course and improve your backbend and your flexibility !

My personal goal is to make you discover your full potential.

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After a career as a belly dancer in Cairo , Egypt , Sylvie decided to fully invest in the practice and teaching of Pole Dance and followed the Doris Arnold professional training in 2012 in Paris.


In 2014 she opened the Dance Factory studio in Mougins on the Côte d'Azur.


She became vice-champion of France Category hope FFD (Fédération Française de Danse) in 2017 and qualified for many competitions including Pole Art France and Greece, Pole Theater Iceland and Japan. In 2018 she participated in the Pole Art World Championships in Italy and won the silver medal at the IPSF Pole Sport Championships in the Elite category in Switzerland.


Passionate about flexibility tricks, she has followed workshops with contortionists and has decided to refine her back work by testing different ways of training.


Faced with the theoretical void and the lack of information concerning the techniques of engagement and placement which allow to progress in a pleasant way and to gain in amplitude quickly, she has developed her own method.


In May 2020, following the confinement, she has created and launched her program of online classes specifically dedicated to back flexibility.

In less than 5 months she has been coaching more than 70 students including several Pole Dance teachers and has given more than 500 hours of online lessons.