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Sylvie PONT

Founder & Instructor

After a career as a belly dancer in Cairo, Egypt, Sylvie decided to fully invest in the practice and teaching of Pole Dance and followed the Doris Arnold professional training in 2012 in Paris.

In 2014 she opened the Dance Factory studio in Mougins on the French Riviera in FRANCE.

She became the vice-champion of France FFD (Fédération Française de Danse) in 2017 and qualified for many competitions including Pole Art France and Greece, Pole Theater Iceland and Japan. In 2018, she participated in the Pole Art World Championships in Italy and won the silver medal at the IPSF Pole Sport Championships in the Elite category in Switzerland.

Passionate about flexibility tricks, she attended workshops with many instructors and contortionists and decided to refine her back work by testing different ways of training.

Faced with the theoretical void and the lack of information concerning the techniques of engagement and placement which allow to progress in a pleasant way and to gain in amplitude quickly, she developed her own method.

In May 2020, following the lockdown, she created and launched her online course program specifically dedicated to back flexibility. In one year, she coached over a hundred students including several Pole Dance, Aerial and yoga instructors, and delivered over 700 hours of online classes.

In 2022, she launched the GET BENDY Online Studio with Yannick, including multiple collective classes in Live and Replay. The success was incredible in France, with thousands of subscribers embarking on the Get Bendy journey.

In 2023, the launching of the English formula expanded their audience internationally, with many enthusiasts from around the world now being part of the Get Bendy Team.

Yannick DIAZ

Co-Founder & Instructor

Professional acrobat dancer from 2008 to 2020, Yannick is a French jazz dance teacher with an official diploma .

* 3 years training recognized by the French Ministry of Culture.

In 2012, he deepened his pedagogy by obtaining the BPJEPS in fitness professions. 

*one-year continuous training, recognized by the French Ministry of Sports

Self-taught on his first steps, then trained mainly at the Marignane conservatory directed by Yvon STRAUSS then at EPSE Danse (Montpellier) by Anne-Marie PORRAS.

Professionally, he has been evolving for more than 12 years both in events and in the cultural field.

(Ballet de l'Opéra de Limoges, Les Ballets de la parenthèse, Compagnie Sara Ducat, Compagnie Pedro PAUWELS...)

In 2013, he discovered Pole Dance and felt like a revelation. In 2014, he made his first performances on stage. Then gradually, many compagnies for which he worked, order him more and more Pole Dance Shows on different musics and universes. Driven by the increase in demand, in 2017 he founded the Artistes Aériens company.

In 2020, he met Sylvie and discovered her pedagogy and her way of approaching back flexibility like nobody.

Since then, they never leave each other and he helps her develop the " GET BENDY! " method in order to share it with as many people as possible.


Competition of the national dance confederation:

Hiphop Gold Medal in 2005

Gold medal Contemporary solo 2006

Gold medal Duo Other styles in 2006

Artistic and sports pole competitions:

French pole dance champion elite men ffd 2017

French pole sport champion 2017

Gold medal in the South Regional pole dance competition in solo and duet 2019

French duo champion in 2019

Vice champion of France solo in 2019



Amandine Philippe started her passion for pole dance in 2011, and quickly her mastery of art earned her the title of teacher in 2013. Her commitment and talent propelled her to many competitions where she shone, eventually becoming champion in this demanding discipline. Her desire to explore and share push her to travel the world, to give workshops from 2014 to 2019.


At the end of 2018, Amandine settled in Bordeaux and took over the direction of L'Art and Fact Studio, a space dedicated to aerial arts where she can continue to teach and inspire other enthusiasts. Nowadays, in addition to her role as studio director and yoga teacher, Amandine has also engaged as a federal judge with the French Dance Federation for national championships, as well as in other international competitions


In 2020, she discovered new horizons, embarking on the field of well-being and body consciousness. Her growing interest in yoga led her to train at 200RYT in 2023, diving deep into the philosophy of traditional yoga, a revelation for her. For Amandine, it is no longer just about performance, but about cultivating awareness and well-being above all.


Beyond her commitment to yoga, Amandine has also immersed herself in other wellness disciplines. She was introduced to Human Design, a holistic approach to personality and life, as well as the Emmett Care Technique, a gentle and highly effective body therapy method. She has also become a facilitator in Kundalini Activation, guiding others in their journey towards the awakening of their vital energy.


Her diverse background and commitment to wellness and body awareness make her an inspiring figure in the world of pole dance, yoga and wellness in general.

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